Gambica urges automation industry to engage with new group advising government on digital technology for industry

09 Feb 2017

In the government’s green paper on Industrial Strategy published on 23rd January this year, a new review group was announced to be led by Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens UK and Ireland, to advise on the opportunities and challenges for U.K. Industry offered by digital technology.

The new group will be known as the Industrial Digitisation Review Leadership Team and is intended to work for six months producing the review report. 

Juergen has chosen a team from across industry and commerce to form this new group (see list below) and this includes one member representing the automation industry - Brian Holliday, the MD of Siemens Digital Factory, UK.

As well as being a keen supporter of GAMBICA, Brian is also the Chairman of ESCO, the council representing the Electronics and Electrical industries in the UK, which was set up in 2012 by three trade associations, including Gambica to increase the dialogue between the industry and government.  He will need use cases and other evidence from the automation industry in order to help produce the review report.

Dr Graeme Philp, Chief Executive of Gambica and leader of the Industry 4.0 work group on ESCO commented, "We are delighted to see this review team formed while there is still time for the UK to take up a leadership position in the digitisation of industry.  We now need the UK automation industry to come together as never before to make the case to government loud and clear.  Brian will be our channel to achieving this"

Brian Holliday added, "The Industrial Digitalisation Review is unquestionably positive for the automation sector and British industrial productivity. By concentrating on benefits and use cases, we may be able to unlock the drivers and identify the policy instruments that help stimulate investment in skills and new technology. In turn this will boost the competitiveness of U.K. Industry.”


Facts about the Review

Technologies in scope include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented reality solutions
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Blockchain
  • Data Analytics
  • DATA for increased productivity and commercial gains
  • High Performance Computing / Big Data
  • Highly integrated communication systems
  • Industrial machines processes and the internet of things
  • IT and cloud based platforms
  • 3D Printing


The members of the review team are as follows:

  • Phil Smith (Chairman, Cisco)
  • Carolyn Fairbairn (Director General, CBI)
  • David Stokes (CEO UK & Ireland, IBM)
  • Roger Connor (Head of Global Manufacturing, GSK)
  • Ralf Speth (CEO, JLR)
  • Oliver Benzecry (Managing Director and Chairman Accenture UK),
  • Professor Andy Neely (Institute for Manufacturing and Director, Cambridge University)
  • Sean Redmond (CEO, Vertizan)
  • Grace Gould, (Entrepreneur in Residence, Local Globe)
  • Brian Holliday (Managing Director, Siemens Digital Factory UK)
  • Sir Charlie Mayfield (Chairman, John Lewis – attendance and advisory only)
  • Dick Elsy, (Chief Executive at High Value Manufacturing Catapult)
  • Jeremy Silver (Chief Executve at Digital Catapult)
  • Nick Roberts (CEO, Atkins UK & Europe)
  • Nick Wright Pro VC, Newcatle University
  • Adrian Gregory, CEO, ATOS UK)