UK government releases first 25 Technical Notices in preparation if there is no-deal between UK and EU

23 Aug 2018

Today the UK government issued the first batch of 25 Technical Notices on how to prepare for the case where there would be ‘no-deal’ between the UK and the EU. The plan is for two further batches to be released in September, with a total of some 80 notices.

The Technical Notices can be found here -

There is an overview of the process here -

“A scenario in which the UK leaves the EU without agreement (a ‘no deal’ scenario) remains unlikely given the mutual interests of the UK and the EU in securing a negotiated outcome…. However, it is our duty as a responsible government to prepare for all eventualities, including ‘no deal’, until we can be certain of the outcome of those negotiations.”

Some of the notices most relevant for GAMBICA members include:






 Please get in touch if you have any comments or positions on these Technical Notices that we can use in our feedback to government.