Orgalime publishes vision paper "Technology for the World, Manufactured in Europe"

22 Nov 2016

Orgalime, the European Engineering Industries Association, has published a vision paper called Technology for the World, Manufactured in Europe. The report lays out the vision across seven key areas;

Technology, Internal market, Innovation, Trade, Skills, Energy and Environment



We believe in a stronger and more efficient Europe and therefore our vision is to promote, in partnership with policymakers and regulators, the conditions under which our companies can flourish, grow and provide solutions to deal with today’s society’s global challenges: employment, climate change, energy security, environment, health and ageing population.
Our industry has strongly benefitted from the European Union, especially from the internal market, and we see an efficient and effective EU focusing on the right priorities as a cornerstone for the competitiveness of our industry in a globalised world. Going back to a Europe of nation states, each with its own internal rules, is not the way forward.

The vision paper can be downloaded as a pdf from the Orgalime website